Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Power of Pedestrians.

I'd like to call myself a professional pedestrian. (ped if you will). I walk everywhere... well everywhere unless i'm able to find a ride... then i'd like to call myself a professional passenger. These are all such great alliterations. Anyway! Everyday I get small thrills from walking...

step in front of it... you're at a crosswalk.. it's cool. Then i'd like to imagine some really intense music behind me...
Thrill #2: There are many hills in Athens. large ones. when walking around campus ... everyone slows down when walking uphill.... i speed up? how that works? I'm not exactly sure... but i get pumped when i pass a billion people everyday.

today i realized i have enough time to walk downtown to walkers in between my 2 classes today. DANGER DANGER!

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