Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chicken of the Sea

Today I learned why there is a sticker on Tuna Fish cans of a Dolphin. As it turns out Dolphins were caught in the nets and this appalled Americans and they put enough public opinion (pressure) on the government to save the dolphins. So now we have a dolphin sticker on our Tuna "Chicken of the Sea" cans. Thanks to Nongovernmental Organizations... woo hoo.

I've been in a bit of a lifestyle change thing recently. I'm learning the value of being "unplugged." Namely with my phone... but in other ways too. I keep it on Silent. pretty much always. I don't charge it that much... and let it go dead. I made a list of everything I love to do. Everything I enjoy. Consequently, desires of your heart. Good. Things you like... are also the things that allow me to be closer to God. I also made a list of things that make me mad (that i have control over)...or another way to say it is I made a list of my burdens. The things that grip me that I do have to deal with, but don't need to carry them with me. I prayed over them... and then focused on the list of Joys. I've just been getting back to the things I love most. One of which is blogging. People have poked fun at me for my love of blogging, especially because I like to re-read them later. But its something I really like to do...

I rearranged my room during finals (the people in the room below probably don't like me much). ... In my new arrangement, I created what I think can only perfectly be described as a "nook".

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