Tuesday, May 11, 2010


#33 Go on a Picnic

confession: this is a silly one on my list. I frequently go on picnics :)
the most notable one. & one with photographical documentation.
was a heart2heart with Ginger & Fenn. I stole pb&j from the dining hall. Fruit. & a box of cheezits.

RIP- Mr. Moustache Man Lamppost.

mm, this is the lovely spring campus. Cherry Blossom Trees next to the chapel... conveniently loacated next to one of the NUMEROUS construction sites on campus. Thanks UGA.

You've met Ginger. She came. And held up the sun for us... so sweet that girl.

Chelsea Fenn's debut on the Blog I believe. Future Roommate. She joined us :)

My style of picnic?... i insisted we have a post food consumption climb up one of the magnolias on the way back to the cars. Some people chose to stay closer to the ground and be in possession of the camera :)
(no this was not the tree i fell out of smarty pants.)

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