Monday, May 24, 2010

I am Different

Yes, I have a range of things I could tell you about. Events. Emotions. Jokes. Facts. It’s a weekend for the books. When I don’t have words to say, I use my pen. For now.. .this.

I am Different

The Lord set me apart,

To change

I am different

I know who I am

I’m not a slave to expectations

Nor bound by limitations

I am free.

I laugh at the enemy

Working to destroy

I am confident

Change starts with me

From the depths of brokenness,

I know the way to perseverance

I am a first generation dreamer

A pioneer of abundant life

An explorer of freedom

A catalyst for change

I am different

I am free.

Most recent song to play on my ipod I’ve not heard in months,

Can’t wait. – Merchant Band.

Mm, good.

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