Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Balloon.

Have I told you about the balloon? It's been a while but basically this is what happened.
What night I was laying in my bed & looking around my room. I spy with my little squinty eyes A SHINY BALLOON. not my shiny balloon. I have no memory of ever receiving a shiny Happy birthday balloon. Then I went through lots of scenarios and decided... well I guess I took it as a joke one day so then it just got lost in my room and i don't remember... (& consequently deciding my memory is getting terrible)...
Then a few days later I finally saw Stefani (roomie) and we were just chatting.... and she says YEAH did you ever notice that balloon I put in your room!? I WAS SO RELIEVED. I simply thought i was crazy. Turns out stefani thought it'd be funny to see how long it took me to notice a balloon in my room. (Sadly i think it still took a couple weeks). In my defense we have high ceilings, because we're on the top floor :)
Us people just aren't as observant as we think we are.

1 WEEK! 1 WEEK! 1 WEEK! then me and t-mart will have an adventure. That I'm so pumped for.
pictures to come on that.
maybe a VLOG. Ah ha !

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