Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A dinner with Dr. Phil

It's been an interesting night. Very interesting. I have some really fantastic friends. Friends that know not to ask me how I'm doing... They know to move on to other questions. I have one friend that looking at our friendship... we've come an incredibly long way. (he used to read, I don't know if he still does... but we've talked so don't be alarmed if it seems not cool)... I used to not like him at all! I have no clue why... i just... ERGH. did not like this boy. This year I had some really good chats with him... and one day just had to confess that I used to just never even give him a chance to be a good friend.
Today he reminded me exactly why we are friends. Today he challenged the mess out of me. We were on a walk at the botans and I told him what i've been dealing with these days. Sticking to Day 1 for QUITE a while. He talked with me about it... and then returned to the issue later at dinner. We had a very productive, insightful, encouraging dinner. We all went around the table and named something that we like or have liked about someone we are trying not to hate. Then we said something about everyone at the table that we like. & we said something about ourselves that we like. .... So we kinda just had dr. phil at dinner.... but it was good. It was needed. I don't know what sparked all the psych help exercises... but I think they do have a place amongst friends at times.
Tonight after we watched a movie... he also gave me a hug and said... When you're holding onto all that stuff.... just go to the parking lot & skate.
ps: it's finally here! My skateboard!!! YES!

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