Thursday, June 3, 2010

Praise the Lord

I hate the way that songs can be ruined.
If you associate a song with a person. Then you hear it... and think of that person. And obviously have a negative reaction... Then the song is ruined & I uncheck it on my itunes so that it will not be played anymore. And it's a shame... cause I really liked some songs. But no longer wanna even hear them... Which might also just come with I've been in a very different music listening mood these days. Well ... I guess different depending on when you've known me.
This blog has made me think about "Ruined" by Samuel Gatlyn. That's what my ears like to hear these days.
Praise the Lord. "praise the lord" kinda became a catchy phrase around athens the last couple years. Everyone was sayin praise the Lord. a mannerism sort of. It's catchy. true. I started saying it. Like frequently even when it didn't seem to fit. So for a while... someone would say "I got a cup of coffee today with Billy" "Praise the Lord" ... it became incredible though. I made it a habit before I believed it. I still say Praise the Lord a lot. as a reaction to what people are telling me... except now It's with sincerity. Praise the Lord.

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