Sunday, June 20, 2010


I don't have much to say tonight. My thoughts are unassembled, so I'll refrain. (believe it or not.. i typically try to make some sort of sense. Sometimes it seems to come out more confusing.)

i watched that link.... definitely bothers me. if you're into the video that's awesome but it distracted me from what i was listening to. preferences i guess. I recommend not watching but listening...

It's "inheritance" by Jonathan David Hesler album "The Awakening"the message in between the music is Graham Cooke... referred to in freshley prayaaaaaa as... love outrageously. I encourage you to listen.
someone last summer encouraged me to declare things over myself everyday... I've been doing that recently. Truth.
There are power in words big or small. Use them. words are what's used to create thought. Thought is what's used to speak. Speaking is what's used to shape history.
Speak boldly - even if your voice shakes.

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