Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Study Break.

My 2nd Econ test starts at 11:45am. woo hooo. I do not feel ready for this one. I know the information... but he said this one is supposed to be harder than the last one. lame. Today is today.
Do you know what it's like for one of your best friends to run into you (tackle you) and you didn't even know that they were in town? Let me tell you... it's incredible. My sweet friend stephanie is spending her summer in a VAN traveling around Georgia. aka. traveling youth ministry. She was in Athens for a few hours and on their walk to North Campus came across me being... ughm studious... in the SLC. Oh I don't think I've ever been so happy to see this girl. You know how friends serve different purposes in your life? She's my I got your back girl. She's my... you can be 4 years old for a few minutes i'll take care of you girl. She's my any time any place drop what you're doing girl. I love her. We had a HOT couple hours on North campus.
I got to teach Judy how to climb a tree! (she'd never done it before!)
It was many people's first slacklining experiences. And Kyle taught me how to set up my slackline... (thank you Jesus for my 69 cent slackline. bah!) hopefully it will be repeatable.
I guess i really should finish my last minute review before class! 2 hours. here we go.

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Chelsea said...

Ah, you described Stephanie so perfectly. That was lovely.