Thursday, June 24, 2010


I have a lot of friends that are organized people. They like lists, and putting everything back in their proper places, they're tidy.
I'm amelia. I am messy. I try to please my friends and be organized ... at least in respect for them... I try so hard. It stresses me out to be organized, to plan, to use a calendar, to have a schedule. I like spontaneity, I like adventure, I like unconventionality. I see the need for organization, for planning, for calendars, for a schedule... and I highly HIGHLY appreciate people in life who are so fantastic at being the opposite of me.
All of my organized friends are taking advantage of opportunities to live outside of their comfort zones and be spontaneous or untidy...
I'm working on being slightly more organized. I've been working on this for ... oh about 20 years now? :) I really do try at it. Now whether I will ever come to your house and put everything back where it belonged... doubtful. Whether you'll see me put anything in the same spot everyday... doubtful. I'm starting tiny here. Very tiny. Such as.... When I walk around anywhere... I've created a habit. So that i know where I put everything. small routines. I've been waking up earlier than necessary .. frequently watching the sun rise... Starting my day with some substance. I have cleaned my room a couple times in the last 2 weeks... (compared to my once a semester schedule) ... I've made many attempts at the calendar thing... so many. I have tried so hard. I continually try. I see how it is just so good for people. I'm getting pretty good at the week at a time lifestyle. If you ask me to plan something further than next thursday... odds are I will give you a rejection/postponal. no offense.
Adventure today @ 2:30. Thank you sticky notes for helping me a little at a time.

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Chelsea Fenn said...

You should see my room right now. It's a mess that would make you proud. And just to let you know, I appreciate and honor your struggle.