Thursday, June 24, 2010

Festivals and such.

... because I have consistently been a little off kilter, scatterbrained, a strange bird, quirky, eccentric, out there... and whatever other adjective that people tag on before my name. ATHFEST. I've been talking to some people about this ... i don't think they understand. When I was in high school... this was like the epitome of what I wanted to do one weekend. (you know.. besides be on a plane anywhere..) except... no one i knew was ever into the same music as me. ever. I was a Myspace Music person. So i found all of these people on myspace music that i liked... some not even on itunes (say huh?)... and i would look at their upcoming shows lists... they would always have ATHFEST and i wanted to go. So now... that i'm in athens. In the summer. I will be here... this weekend. To attend my first ever.... athfest! yes.
Who's ready to be in the butt hot day all day long. with other people. sweating. smelling like BO ... probably with lots of people with an altered sense of self.
For those of you tuning in that aren't from savannah... and haven't been exposed to the same culture I have... festivals are where its at... and Savannah is pro at them... first saturday of every month, irish festival, jewish festival, sidewalk arts festival, oktoberfest, some sort of christmas festival, Jazz Festival, Black Heritage Festival, Savannah Music Festival, International Festival, Spring Fling Art festival, Seafood Festival (multiple times) , Scottish Games Festival, Gay pride festival, film festival, the greek festival.... i told you. We're pro.
That was my childhood. I guarantee you I have been to almost all of these festivals. (if not all ... some on accident)... I spent lots of time in downtown savannah my whole life. At festivals... on the squares, in the park, on river street. Anything that remotely reminds me of this... is one of my favorite things...
hence.. my love affair with Marietta Square, why I'm so pumped for Athfest, and why i think its normal to sit in parks all day on repeat and to walk around a ridiculous amount.

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