Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pursuit, but confusing.

Pursue - to go after. to seek out for some purpose.
Pursuit is good. So good. We like to be pursued for jobs. We like to pursue good deals while shopping. Theoretically, we like to pursue truth. We pursue friendships and relationships. It's simple.
Pursuit's all up in our lives. A call to deepness with the Lord is a call to pursue Him more. He is pursuing you. He's jealous of your other pursuits because He is pursuing you. He wants you to pursue Him. - This has been a reality in my life for sometime. I didn't understand much else about the Lord for a long time... except this pursuit. Yet I always learn more about His pursuit... or mine... or in this case others.
(try to follow). We're all pursuing things. Meaning in some way. We are all being pursued - for friendships, relationships, we owe someone money, some older brother wants to come punch you (for some reason.. you are being pursued.)... What or who are you allowing to pursue you?
I a lot of times get caught up in the flattery of being pursued.. and forget that not all pursuits are good. Some will hurt. or are harmful. & Then sometimes there is a good pursuit that I reject.
Who knows why. I don't know.
Happy day.

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