Saturday, July 10, 2010


have you heard of the website... Stuff Christians like?... it's a spin on the book... Stuff White people like...
I've not checked. but i'd be willing to bet somewhere on there is Acronyms. we love our acronyms. FROG.(fully rely on God)
DOG. (depend on God.
PTL (praise the Lord)
WWJD (What would Jesus do?)
PUSH (pray until something happens)
GTG (Glory To God)...
just to name a few.
my favorite (...aside from obvious partiality...)
DAWG - Day Alone With God.

It used to be so easy to have a dawg day. With no license and nowhere to go... they were so easy.. natural. not as appreciated as they should've been. As I get older.. more and more involved in things. Going from place to place. It gets harder and harder to have a DAWG day... but they are oh so important. These days fuel me like no other. I look forward to taking one here real soon. It's important to turn phones on silent. Drain down computer batteries. Shut a door and lock it. Find a blanket. and spend a day with God.
yummy. That sounds good.

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