Saturday, July 31, 2010

year 3? already?

hello, hello blog friends. It's been quite sometime. For those keeping score at home... in the last month I have moved, visited for real home, visited marietta, visited scotland, been visited by maggie and spending time in marietta before starting - wait for it- THIRD YEAR at what the scots call ... Uni.
Can you believe it? We're going on 3 years. Word on the street is it all ends after 4... (supposedly). I should get on my game. I'm gonna give ical another shot this year.. the ole college try.
I'd love to tell you all about scotland... but I cannot even begin. It was an incredible two weeks of my life... The Lord was moving in big ways with the kids and in scotland and the team... and personally really just confirming things or expanding old thoughts... it's been so good.
Maybe I should tell you through pictures? - i mean i only took 600... no big deal.
give me sometime... it'll get told. Katie, Uncle mike, and ms. Tonya are getting worn out by all the talking already... I suggest to them to skip these next few blogs :)

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