Friday, August 27, 2010


9. Watch the sun set & rise from the same spot in the same day.

This was something from my list that I was most excited about. I imagined it would be some epic grand adventure... In some ways. It was. On July 15, I boarded a plane leaving from Philly to Glasgow. As we were leaving America the sun was setting. We were heading towards the east.. where the sunrises. In my mind, It was like we were chasing the sun. Silly me did not think to search for my camera, or to write down the seat number or anything of the like.
I sat in the same seat for 6.5 hours. As we traveled east towards the sun, I began to watch the sunrise. Technically I had traveled thousands of miles in between the two recurring phenomena, but I remained in the same spot. And watched the sunrise and sunset. The whole flight was being stirred to make a choice between coffee, tea, orange juice, or apple juice, but I had remained awake through the night to see it all unfold.

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