Monday, August 23, 2010

To Destroy or Not to Destroy.

4857 photos later... I feel sick to my stomach. Trying so hard to forget events and realizing they are forever memorialized in your iphoto library... is repulsive. Forever... or are they? with one two strokes of the "delete" button and an emptied "trash can" the cause of the pit in my stomach could be erased forever. The action is appealing, yet i'm held back to try to consider my feelings on the matter 5 years down the road. How much will I care if they do or don't exist in the future? Will I really care if I have a picture of so and so... at this event?
I guess it's not the picture itself. Or the memory itself... I think it's hindsight that makes me sick to my stomach. I'm sick because I not only know how I feel about the photos 7 months down the road but also how I felt 7 months prior.. when the flash was going off... The difference between the two feelings is what repulses me. What makes my stomach get tied into knots. In reality at the time the photos were awesome the event was a blast. The date was cool. But now It's a relic of what was and what is not at all the same... what I do not want to ever revisit.
For now I believe the photos will stay... but in the future I think they will be deleted from my hard drive and perhaps they will make the cut to external harddrive (that doesn't exist yet.. but should be purchased very very soon).

I apologize for the debs feeling to this blog. It's not really ... it's purely a words form thoughts to work through sort of blog. I doubt you will understand entirely. I suspect that there are a handful that will know the feeling all too well... even if they don't know the specifics of my example. who knows.
on a side note... life is on overdrive right now. yet filled with the laidback lifestyle that I so enjoy.
stay tuned.

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