Friday, October 1, 2010

season of bliss.

I would like to invent a new crayon. It would be called National Geographic Borders. You could spot it a mile away. Or at least from one side of the room to another. My toilets run. Every so often. Both at the same time. Aggravating. I have a rubik's cube that is messed up. A lamp in the middle of my room because i've been too lazy to actually decide where I want it. I have a map that isn't hung on the wall. I've been working on a painting for the last few hours... the white canvas was originally intended for birds flying away. Instead I was inspired by the various shadows in my room, one of which is a light bulb. It has made me miss the good old days, when I used to have projects strewn all over my room, my mind creating faster than I can produce. By the time I get to work on one project I've started thinking about something else that has captured my attention.
This week (weekend) is about officially celebrating fall.
A) pumpkin spice latte. thanks to my friend Clark at two story this also included a pumpkin in the top of my latte.
B) Friday will mark the first batch of the year: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies
C) Today marked the beginning of my wardrobe shift. I get cooler as the months grow colder (in my opinion)
D) NORTH GEORGIA FOLK FESTIVAL. i love that this has been a tradition in my life. YES. & this year NGFF will meet some more of my friends. mmmhmm.
E) I highly anticipate the first leaf crunch, but exact celebration of such cannot be pinpointed. :)
I can only hope that it will occur this week (weekend) too.

speaking of. it's past midnight which means ... HAPPY OCTOBER!

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Kristin said...

Praise the Lord for fall, October, it officially being my birthday month, pumpkin spice lattes, PUMPKIN CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES, and YOU! Enjoy this weekend my friend! And let me know how your cookies turn out!