Friday, December 3, 2010

it's time to shine.

I think I'm learning to read in between the lines. I've never been very good at this task... people rarely say what they really mean. I'm a straightforward person. I try my hardest to put into words what I really mean. Unfortunately, I'm convinced that I create my own language on a regular basis so the straightforwardness part of my character comes off a bit confusing to a majority of people - especially those that have not known me for very long. I took a personality test, it said i'm INFP. whatever that means. hear hear INFP'S.
If you hang out in google reader, this new post might come as a shock to you, or if you just check my blog frequently... i think my point is... this is only post 21 of all semester. Yikes. You might be wondering what i've been doing all semester.
I've been taking classes. hellllo Junior Year, we're in full swing. I've been living and loving my roommates. (There are 4 of us total). We're cute. we decorate together. and plan dinners together. and just are such cute homies. I've been working, tons & tons. I'm a lunch lady if you didn't know. ha. it's lovely. If you're wondering about my list... well, progress is being made and is kind of on pause. Time is so hard to find. My piano skills have not made much progress either, I might've actually digressed in abilities. but that's okay. I have tea and digestives regularly. I got a new coffee mug today. :) the little things that make you happy are what counts. I've been very pensive this semester. I've made new friends. Love love love my small groupy. We decorated the apt. for christmas. it looks GOOOD. i'm obsessed with the cheap walmart "hazelnut cream" candle. yes siree bobalooey. it's so wonderful. I've been through I cannot even begin to count the number of yogurt containers. way too many. I've been in this funnnnnnnny spot. very unique. It might come from realizing.... this time of my life is QUICKLY drawing to a close. look how fast this semester has flown right on by!
you know what i just realized? the reason I liked to blog so much was because when I blog frequently I never sit down feeling the need to tell people the monotonous details of my months, instead I can just hammer out my thoughts. This whole few times a month thing leaves me always summarizing how i spend my time rather than opening the window to air out my mind. blahh. i'm going to try to be more consistent about this.

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