Monday, December 20, 2010

Overdramatized Conundrums by Yours Truly

I have this perpetual problem. When I sit down to read a book, I just feel inspired to write and when I sit down to write I just feel inspired to read.
half the time I would say I spend a few minutes doing each and then get tired of being indecisive and just decide to watch a movie instead. Which I supremely hate, I really do enjoy reading more than I enjoy watching a movie... A movie is just the lazy way out. [unless it's a foreign film with subtitles?... just sayin...] Maybe I should just attempt to write a movie, given my limited experience, I would assume that is a far easier task to say than to actually do. Would you like to know the number of times I have attempted to write a book? That is an impressive defeat. I've merely written dozens of essays, never getting anywhere near to "book" material. A book is daunting. I'd like to.
I also watch movies and then feel inspired to write. But what about? That's what my journal is comprised of these days. Page after page of filtering ideas of what to write about. I've chatted with lots of fellow bloggers and we all seem to have the same problem - when life picks up, with seemingly everything to write about, little writing actually ever transpires. When you life a life that is inspired, it's important to not forget all the ideas you'd like to write about. That's why I've decided I am going to carry a tiny journal with me everywhere. How should I ever expect to confine my thoughts to just the time that I sit down with a pen and paper? Even more, how could I possibly rely solely upon my memory to write when I do sit down?
Memories are tricky things.

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