Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How A Person with a short attention span occupies their time.

Hi there! it's me. Happy Christmas! The wonderful time of year for college students that comes as a cool down from all the high stress finals week. It's the time of year when college students pack up as much as they possibly can to head home, or wherever they might travel, for a month before they get back into the grind of spring semester. For those of us from south georgia this involves shedding our heavy winter coats for our lightweight jackets and t-shirts for the month, as the high today hit somewhere around the 60s! We get to come home to christmas decorations, home cooked meals, and life not involving pinching pennies to go to the grocery store. It's hard leaving your house for a month. You've got to account for all that free time. what might you find to occupy all of that time?

If you're like me, netflix is a college student's best companion. HELLOOOOO "Watch Instantly" section! Books are a way to break the monotony of flick after flick. If you're lucky, said college student might dabble in some old hobbies...
photography. - Check!
Scrapbooking. - Check!
drawing - Check!
puzzles - Check!
Knitting... Cheeeck. This is where I've found myself tonight. The reason why I have to share the hilarity of my current situation.
You might not know this (that's my way of saying "of course you know this") but I have a bit of a bunny trail problem. In my thoughts, yes. But this often results in a strange series of actions to match the flow of thoughts. This is how I find myself in situations like this. I direct you to the following picture:

in the last hour I have started 3 different knitting projects & attempted crocheting. ... i don't suppose I might could find the attention span to just finish one of these?
oh me. hello Christmas break, our bittersweet relationship has arrived. bleh bleh bleh.

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