Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cause and Affect

I've always declared that I do not cry during movies. (generally this is true).. the notebook does nothing to me. A touching story about a child or a tender moment of resolution in movies never gets to me. The one movie...
no matter how many times I have seen it...
which is more than you'd probably expect...
I cry.
every single time..
for basically the entire movie.
And then after the movie.
and then for a few days after the movie because of where my mind is occupied after watching the movie.
I recently indulged my peculiar interests, yet again, and read An Ordinary Man by Paul Rusesabagina. It's the autobiography of the real life man from the movie Hotel Rwanda. When I couldn't find anything else on TV to watch I popped in Hotel Rwanda to see how it compared to the book. (which also made me tear up on several occasions).
I don't tear up because I'm sad. Not because it is a sad story. I tear up because after receiving knowledge of genocide, or really any acts of cruelty, I feel a responsibility to humanity to do what I can to help. To start change. Or to propel it onward ...
Cause and Affect. Effect is a noun, its a consequence of an action. Affect is a verb, it means to have an affect on. I know the phrase says Cause and Effect, I prefer it in Verb form.

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