Thursday, January 6, 2011

Humble Comparisons, ha :)

Today I realized me and Taylor Swift have a lot in common. Because you see, she writes songs & I write blogs. both four letter words that end in "gs." Thanks to my Taylor Swift education today by Ginger Hightower I now know that in taylor's songs she always has a not so subtle "hidden message." In my blogs, if you know the context, most of them contain a slightly more subtle than taylor swift, hidden message. I think the difference between taylor and I is that most of her life is public knowledge but most of mine is kept for myself. Otherwise we're probably exactly alike... maybe not.
I guess I say all that to make the point. If you feel like I'm referring to you in a blog, I probably am. If you feel like I'm attacking you in a blog. I'm not- I just am writing what comes to mind. That's all I ever do. I just pick a train and see where that thought takes me. Don't be paranoid though... it's not as blunt as taylor swift. Dear John? (that's probably just about that Nicholas Sparks book right?)
oh, sewing is hard. I've not finished a single thing yet. :)

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Bev Gladin said...

Sewing CAN be hard, but it can also be easy! Keep at it honey. You can do it! it will be incredibly rewarding in the end...