Thursday, January 20, 2011

it's how

Lately I've been disgusted by the hoarding of americans. we work to have money to hold onto as much of it as we can. We keep things for sentimental value. we have extras of things just in case. we hold onto so much all the time. we rent apartments and houses (or own them) just to fill them with all the extras. It's so nice to have extras sometimes, like going to someone's house and being able to use an extra blanket. But what's the point in holding onto all of these things if we aren't going to allow others to use them regularly. What's the point in having things that just sit around for months and months and months until finally someone needs to use it... what's the point? things things things things things all of these things. it's been pushing me to simplify my life. To recycle the old things that aren't really needed. To repurpose something. Hand in hand with these thoughts about things is the thoughts about the simplistic joys that fill our lives. (if we dare to notice them). I'm sitting in a room that looks into a study room (typical large wooden table, 6 chairs, two windows, marker board) the light is filling the room casting shadows that extend out the door of the room. I love it. it's beautiful. I think every person has images in their mind that for some reason stir them. For some reason they are impacted by them. One of those images for me is looking into a room. seeing the door. what's behind the door. what's right outside the door. what's outside the window past the room. wondering what's behind the wall that you cannot see past from where you're sitting. It's one of those simplistic joys for me.
i'd like an on the go coffee pot.

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Kristin said...

In reference to the last sentence. I'm pretty sure you had one at Summer Camp 2009. Just sayin. :)