Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thought Progression. The natural flow for the easily distracted.

I vowed to not support the coffee giant starbucks, unfortunately it's highly impractical when it comes to the cravings that hit unexpectedly. The fact of the matter is Startbucks is one of the most easily accessible coffee places in the planet - and thanks to the Bfam I have a gift card that makes "studying" easier. Blah. First exam of the semester tomorrow morning, hello Forestry and Natural Resources.. can't wait to get more in depth during the football part of the super bowl. Commercials will be a timely break from the monotonous torture of 6 lectures. Then on to an article about the Arusha Peace Process and Orentlicher's article on Relativism and Religion as a response to Ignatieff's perspective on Human rights. Collllegggggeeeeee is fun. For real though, I wish my classes would all drop whatever their current discussions were about and talk about the movements that are quickly making of all countries in the middle east, IRAN, the most stable. In my spare time, I find myself constantly sucked into the depths of CNN and engrossed in every uptodate article the new york times can possibly put out. I am 21, this is one of the first big time revolutions I've really seen unfold with the ability to research and understand. It's incredible. [it makes me wonder if everyone else's blood starts pumpin when they hear about it]. It makes me wonder if Ibrahim is back there, our family friend we communicated with for a while from Egypt. The constantly changing atmosphere of public places puts me at ease. My mind follows the patterns of the people around me, the more the movement the faster my thoughts, the easier the atmosphere the calmer my thoughts. It's pleasant. We rented The Social Network this weekend, it was pretty good we thought. Well I thought, it was longgg, but really good. High Five Facebook for taking over the world. Maybe the next movie trends will be the stories of the inventors of blogger, google, itunes, mp3 players, and twitter.
let's talk about what's coming up.
March = wedding wedding wedding. YES. I'm practicing my standing in shoes not firmly on the ground. Here we go. yep. here we go.
April= AHHHHHH. APRIL 25th IRON & WINE! AND THE LOW ANTHEM! YESAH. Me and tay mart are going to go shake our groove thing, bob our heads and let our ears feast on the incredible musical soundings. huzzah. word. and

it's February 6th and i'm wearing a Tshirt and chacos. bam.

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