Thursday, March 10, 2011

Do what you do

Of all the fees that we pay to go to school, honestly, I don't take advantage of many of them. But let me tell you. I get my bucks worth of the "Collegiate Readership Program." One of my joys through the day is to walk through campus and pick up a NY times. After scanning the front page headlines immediately I flip to the, duh, international section. Some days i'm able to sit and peruse it at my leisure but more frequently than not reading the newspaper becomes an all day affair. I enjoy it that way. I read an article. Then I think about it for a while. Then I research it a bit. Then I move onto the next article. Today, I have time for a leisurely read, but my leisurely pace has turned into a marathon pace. I read the newspaper when I get around to it even when I have time to do otherwise. booyah. this hobby also leaves me with a mound of newspapers on a regular basis i've got to take them to the recycling. :)
My heart is filled today. I'm a coffee shop girl. I mean, not in the sense that I work at a coffee shop, but in the comfort of sitting in a laidback place for a few hours taking in all around me (oh and taking in a cup or two of joe). When I spend a lot of time at a coffee shop it allows me to develop relationship with the baristas, like Amelia. Amelia and I met one day when I was getting coffee we began to talk and then introduced ourselves then to realize that we have the same name and before she got married we had the same initials. So what was our natural next step in our relationship? comparing signatures. obviously. I like to see how other Amelia's sign their name. To see how we have something so strong like a name in common yet we can be completely different.
I'm searching for an addition to my itunes - percussion. No words. suggestions?

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