Tuesday, March 15, 2011

When He was a Chap.

I've written on this before I believe. It's a story that always catches my eye, it always catches my attention. It's in Luke, After the story of Anna who never left the temple night and day fasting and praying. It's a story of Jesus. It's one of those moments in the Word when I can see the humor in Joseph and Mary's life on a daily basis because they are raising a child like any other, yet He is born with the purpose of dying for the burdens of the world. Luke tells of one year during passover, it specifically mentions that Jesus was twelve, the family was traveling to Jerusalem. After the Feast the caravan if you will left Jerusalem, it took Mary and Joseph a day to realize their son was not among the community and that He must have been left in Jerusalem. It takes them three days to find him. [pause] you're telling me that Mary and Joseph lost their son. imagine their PANIC. one time my mom couldn't find me in walmart and She was a bit frantic. Her child, that she has spent years with, is no longer near her. i love that this story is something that happens in most every family. it's a common occurrence among parents. when my mom found me, i can't remember my exact words but I know it went something like, MOM STOP. i'm right here! duhhh where else would I be? (i was probably in the book section or the pens and pencils section- I was never really big on toys.)[back to the story] so when Mary and Joseph finally find Jesus his response to their reprimand was, "Why were you searching for me? Didn't you know I had to be in my Father's house?" ha. he was like duhhhh where else would I be?
I like to think about things that aren't typically pondered. That there aren't really answers to, except what we know about the present and what is documented of the past. like, How do Mary and Joseph rear the child of the Lord. I like to think about the growth of Jesus, after all he was human. he was born as a child reliant on his parents to care for him. There was a time when he began to eat from the table. There was a time when he began to smile, crawl, and walk. There was a time when He said his first word. There was a time when He wasn't where his parents thought He was going to be. He learned to speak and how to ride a bike, okay maybe not a bike... a donkey? he had a bedtime and stared at the stars. And he got reprimanded and couldn't convey his point to his parents, "But they did not understand what he was saying to them."
somehow it's comforting to know that Jesus also had trouble explaining things to his parents. That they were like WHAT ARE YOU DOING. Oh you are a different one. you do your own thing. Maybe one day you'll learn.

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