Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the first remembrance of You

My life has come full circle once again I'm sitting at two story just being a coffee shop person. It's an essential part of my weekly life. Once again I'm pondering all that has happened in my life since I last processed, de-briefed, and evaluated myself. Today I've found myself considering this, The earliest memories I have of significant people currently in my life. I say earliest because I rarely can remember the first impression of people, at most perhaps I could recall a lingering feeling or emotion of the first interactions. In the moments of establishing relationship with people we're not usually aware of the significance they might hold in the future, we're acting in ways that we can figure it out. When we first met, first knew each other, first interacted in a substantial way. Some people there's weight to the first encounter - as if something inside of you knew that it would be a lasting relationship. as if in some way you knew the way you would mutually impact each other's lives.
My heart beats and leaps when I remember the the first time I saw God for who He was. When I get back to that place, i'm stirred. I'm comforted. When I read sos my heart comes alive differently than with any other of His words. Because I remember when we first interacted in a substantial way. I remember the weight of the first encounter, when I knew that I was forever changed and I could not live without this relationship. through that interaction I began to realize that we've been mutually impacted. That I move His heart. That when I turned to Him, he was moved.

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