Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wisdom and a Laugh or two.

oh you should know there might be few people that i enjoy conversation with more than the lovely Kelley. oh I have not laughed as hard or been as encouraged than in the 30 minutes i was able to talk to her - even over facebook chat.
Just a tid bit, something to chew on, Truth to slap you in the face and keep going.
Fear is good. You'll do this. & Then when it stops scaring you, Something else will. RUN towards that.
i'm just going to let that hit me. hahahhahaha. oh few people i can love more than her. if it weren't creepy i'd recount our whole conversation. but that'd be creepy. but just trust me... she's awesome. and our conversations are priceless. yesss my life of not being the tiniest bit sleepy at 1:45am. uh huh.

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