Friday, March 4, 2011

There was only one option left.

oh if you could only see me right now. I assure you this might be the most well groomed i've ever been in my entire life. Of course I cannot speak for those baby sink bath years, but I would have to say of the last 5 years of my life this is certainly a weekend of the most done up ever. I have committed to showering daily, getting my toe nails done (more on that in a minute), wearing makeup, wearing non converses or chacos, shaving my entire legs, wearing a dress, heels, and earrings, and lots and lots of smiling.
phewy. what a day. Let me tell you my friends, this has been a team affair. It's called Team Girly Amelia. Who's on the team you might be wondering? Everyone who has told me what I was supposed to do or wear, who has let me borrow something to wear, who has fixed my hear and makeup, who has assembled outfits, and given me pep talks. Last... but not least... oh Lord certainly not least... who did my nails.
Some of you might recall how I feel about toes, feet, and toe nails. Some of you might be completely unaware. My oh my have I come a long way from curled up in a corner with Sam Parker "conditioning" me (aka him putting his feet as close to me as possible) and me screaming bloody murder and hiding under a blanket. Sam Parker, and many others, will be happy to know I've successfully dealt with this irrational fear and no longer am quite as grossed out by feet as before. I still hate feet. and still want no one going anywhere near my feet.
I had to have someone paint my toe nails for the nuptials. This poses a problem seeing as how i hate feet and do not really want anyone going anywhere near my feet. I had 4 options:
1. Not paint my nails at all.
2. Me painting my nails.
3. Letting a stranger paint my nails and do who knows what to my feet (they seem to be more friendly than you'd like sometimes... from what I hear)
4. Letting a friend paint those suckers.
The first, would not be to the pleasure of the bride. The second, could potentially be more disastrous than the first option. The third IS AWFUL. i've only done this once and it was way more than I was ready to handle. and the 4th. was all i had left.
Let me tell you. Tryna and I are all the more closer now that we've added that to our friendship. After an hour of me rambling about anything other than my toe nails to keep my mind distracted, I am proud to report that my toe nails are nice and strange looking.
So friends, if you see my toes in the near future, don't look too hard cause that'd weird me out. But give yourself a chuckle for me. Because you now have spent a significant amount of time reading about how they've come about. ha!
oh hey 3am. we're good friends.

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