Monday, February 21, 2011

Life As I Know It.

I'm all talked out this weekend. I've got no words, no nuggets of info, i've got plans but don't really feel like expressing my excitement at the moment. For now i'll just leave you with a few of my favorite things of this moment:

Returning home to not only an IRN BRU on my bed, but also the news that it is now sold at PUBLIX. SAYYYY HUH? yep. Hello a little taste of scotland always accessible to me :) (also available are the cadbury digestives!) Just my dream come true. no big deal. Just high tech amazingness that makes the world scary yet interesting and fascinating all at the same time. - amazing in a single .com address.

For those of you playing catch up at home, let me explain that this is one of my single most favorite parts of one of my single most favorite movie in the entire planet. Although it's cliche, and we all know I hate cliche. And it's not really the most spectacular film in the planet (although it has won my affection), it's in fact my favorite. Because of these moments in the film, the hand. bahh. Yep p&p is playing at the moment while I write this blog. it's a cozy night.
in my cozy room, that finally, about 6 months into it I have created the room I want. hey hey.
enjoy your moments. and i'll enjoy mine.

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Kristin said...

um. a) love your new blog design! b) thank you for using your words this weekend--and letting me ask lots of questions! Love you. Miss you my Tuesday buddy!