Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Morning Movie Review.

I say to all of you who are constantly harping on my coffee intake: get over it. My saturday morning has been what I like to call "pure bliss." I woke up and just sat in my corner on my bed and said good morning to God. (A few weeks ago in small group all the girls were saying that they literally say good morning to God every day... i woke up remembering that this morning so I figured might as well just give it a shot... I'll keep you posted) Then I meandered into my kitchen to put the kettle on and clean out the french press. (it's been said once you go French Press you don't go back... i agree.) Now I'm sitting in my circle chair that I bought my freshmen year of college and it has now become "my chair." I've heard this phrase "Protect your sabbath" ... it's like the buzz around this town. I've decided that I will protect my chair, it's the place I've found that when I need to just sit for a while and meet with the big man. He comes and is beautiful.
Movie time: As you might know i've been really trying to spend my time wisely. I had reached a point of watching 2 or 3 movies a day. yikes. That's out of laziness, I didn't want to do anything that required too much energy. Last night we watched "The King's Speech" WOW. I guess I should warn you that he goes "seven dirty words" on us in the middle of his struggle... but really WOW. Colin Firth portrays a man that had to overcome not only the physical speech impediment but the source of the impediment. He has to break through the lies he was believing about his own self-worth, ability, and position to be bold and follow out his purpose in his kingdom. King or Son, Queen or Daughter, how does anyone not relate. speech impediment or eating disorder. He dealt with the root of the problem. beautiful. A+ for sure.
holla back.

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