Friday, April 1, 2011

"Study Hard don't Hardly Study"- My Paw Paw

I've got a few things going on on the backburner. I've written them for personal writings but I really want to study them more and better form a path through my thoughts for you to follow them. I've been hit with lots of understanding its all been apart of that reconciliation of international affairs with me. more on that later.
I've been going through Luke these days. Bit by bit, I'm a slow reader. I like to be thorough. I like to see all sides of story before I keep moving. In high school and really up until a few weeks ago, everytime I tried to read Isaiah it was like pulling teeth. It was so many people's favorite book but I could never understand how they made heads or tails of anything in there. I always stopped at the "Here am I" bit. NOW i'm really lovin some Isaiah it seems like everything I read i'm just understanding, wanting to understand, enriched, encouraged, wrecked, ruined, convicted.. etc.
I used to have A okay no problemos reading Parables. Ain't no thang but a chicken wing. totally felt like I understood what i was reading. Now i'm in Luke and wanting to just see what J-man's life was like while he was on the grass and i'm getting all confused with his parables. Everything else i'm like getting destroyed with on a daily basis but I read a parable and i don't get anything more from it than when my mom told me bedtime stories. It's so frustrating. Except i'm so thankful for all i've been learning lately.
ALL. even school. bah i'm so impatient. So reluctantly accepting that this is where I am in life and that I am no where else. I am in school. For a purpose, not fully known to me, I am learning about International Affairs and African Languages and Literature. I'm not out of school, i'm not on the fast track through life, I'm not in a new stage. I'm in school. I'm in Athens. I'm a student and a lunch lady. I'm here, it's time that I not only accept it. But I embrace it. It's time.
holla! - stay tuned for the other stuff about intl in the near future. I can see a good coffee shop blog in my near future.

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