Saturday, April 2, 2011

Not Even A Big Deal.

How do I describe the bliss of today shared with my dearest Chelsea Hester? My morning began with a little cuddle bug crawling into my bed to discuss our plan of attack for our day that was presumptuously dubbed "Save the planet day!" no big deal. We dawned our jeans and sandals in lieu of a cape, we work with what we've got - imagination essential. We set out to accomplish our mission reusable bags, recycling, and a vision for progress in tow. The first destination of choice was to support the friendly folks of the Athens Farmer's Market. This trip was a long time anticipation for Chelsea, especially after her more recent endeavors to live a vegetarian lifestyle. We picked up a cabbage, sunchoke seeds, broccoli, and a few tips of how to cook our veggies. After taking our recycling we crossed the street to purchase the beginnings of our herb garden at a local plant sale. It's been quite the environmentally friendly day. I forgot to get Darth in on these adventures for documentation purposes. Don't worry - due to the successful cooking and consumption of our veggies there is talk of a weekly Farmer's Market purchase and meal, perhaps it will lead to some photos to boot. Have no fear, yours truly is still a coffee shop girl through and through, but I could handle some earth friendly add-ins to my daily life.
I will now cancel out all good that has been done today with the temptations of the sweet tooth. Hello Coffee, Caramel, hazelnut, truffle goodness. with a side of chocolate brownie chunk chip cookies. WHOA, is the word you're thinking of.

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Kristin said...

I realized earlier today that we completely missed the opening day of the Marietta Farmer's Market. So sad! Excited you're exploring the Athens one!!!