Thursday, May 26, 2011

a pretty little butterfly

In January of 2007 I spent 3 days in the middle of nowhere in a "board room" in some place disconnected from the rest of the world. It was a beautiful weekend without clocks, computers, phones, cds, ipods, school, parents, close friends and any other typical part of life. It's may 2011. 4 years later and I'd say I'm more thankful now for that weekend than I was then. Honestly, lots of that weekend is a blur in my memory. It was great and I do have lots of meaningful memories from it... but in general eh anyway.. On the last day of that weekend, Chrysalis is the weekend, anyway on the last day you get letters from practically everyone you know. They were such a warm fuzzy then but a wise woman told me to put them in a shoe box to find later. Wise woman indeed.... Tonight I drug out that old box of letters just a bit of encouragement for a night. So friends today I say hold onto encouragement (not in the pack rat sort of way) but speak truth over people and hold onto the truth spoken over you. Save it for a rainy day. Save it for a rough day. Save it for years later. Hold onto truth.


Chelsea said...

love this love this love this love this.

Kristin said...

yay for words of encouragement! I wrote a chrysalis letter just this past week --for the first time in quite some time--and it brought back sweet, tender memories! :) yay for "boardrooms" in the middle of nowhere!