Monday, May 23, 2011

Not to loose my Saltiness

As we drive past the old Chatham Steel Warehouse and the exit for MLK blvd, I know it's coming. I can never sit still. Like a kid lifting themselves as far out of the seat as the seat belt will allow and neck craned as far as possible, I scanned the Savannah Horizon. I rocked eagerly in my seat not wanting to miss a glimpse of any street we passed, until we reach the white poles. That's the indicator that it's time to look left and see if there are any ships going in or out of the port. I've done that routine my whole life, everytime we crossed the talmadge bridge going over the Savannah River. (way more times than you could imagine...) I really felt a few things for this trip home... The first being to be myself. the second to remember why I love home. The past 48 hours have reminded me how much I love where I'm from. Downtown Savannah and all of its meandering streets and squares, it's artsy feel, history breathing from every brick and cobblestone, her hidden treasures like a cup of coffee from the gallery. A short drive over the bridge to Hilton Head. Sitting on a porch outside for some local seafood overlooking the shrimp boats sipping a sweet tea of course. My mom flinging cocktail sauce on me from across the table. Stopping at junker shops and finding treasures on the back roads in bluffton. And ending the night with feet in the sand watching the oceans tides while the sun sets, and for the rest of the night tasting the salt left on your lips from the air. The smell of low tide. The smell of fresh seafood. And today sitting around the back deck with the whole family chattering away. Being outside whenever possible despite the unrelenting heat of each day. I do love home.
Today I made an account on LinkedIn just another reminder of time, senior year, growing up, not knowing what to do, feeling like you could conquer the world but don't know where to start, another season of life drawing to a close. All the typical thoughts and feelings regarding what I'm not calling #OperationGraduate2012!

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