Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fiery Saltiness

So that answer you were all thinking that just sounded too simple... is the answer I got when I asked Pastor Mark. He said that Jesus didn't want the demonic realm to promote him. Cause ugh... that makes since. Why would He want the enemy to define who He is. That sounds like all sorts of wrong directions. So theres that. Then He also said that it wasn't the timing for the pharisees and all their hombres to know about Jesus because it'd hasten their plans to hinder His ministry which they later did. Yea.

Now i'm meditating on this:

"For everyone will be salted with fire." - Mark 9:49

BAM. i know i don't even understand this yet. but good thing I know this Teacher that's always in a good mood and is real good at breaking stuff down. and double plus that He is love. and he likes to recline at the table. Jesus likes food. I like food.
we have such a good relationship. :)

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