Monday, July 18, 2011

No Place I'd Rather Be.

when one of your favorite songs suddenly makes you shift in discomfort... that's a lovely tool of the Holy Spirit called Conviction. When you are convicted of something you have two options:
1. you can ignore it.
2. you can repent.
I was going to write about Freedom tonight. Because that's a topic that just astounds me. so stay tuned for that...
Earlier this Live at the Banks House cd from United Pursuit really swept the Christianese scene in Athens. Literally one day I was listening to it on the way to the prayer chapel. Walked in turned it off. and a girl walked in behind me.. put in her head phones (which upon reflection probably were ENTIRELY too loud) and I could hear the same song I was listening to coming from her direction. so good.
One of my favorite songs from that album says,
"There's no place I'd rather be,
There's no place I'd rather be,
There's no place I'd rather be,
Than here in your love"
i listen to this on the reg. I love it. Until today when every time I've heard it which was more than usual and not by choice I was sooooooo uncomfortable. And here comes the Conviction of the Lord as I sing a long...
really? There's no place I'd rather be. There are 200+ countries in the world. There are billions of people and I desire to know each one. There are regions that are like nothing I've ever laid my eyes on. But in this moment where I am sitting in the Lord's presence my heart isn't longing for any of those things I desire? Not just the physical travel but all those other trappings of life?
I was convicted because as I sang those words they weren't true. even when i wanted them to be true. Not that in any way any of those desires are not good. But when I desire them more than just being with the Lord.

conviction brings repentance. which brings me to that place of greater desire for the Lord.

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