Friday, July 22, 2011

Hearing the Father.

Do you ever have those days where you're like... well do I have a neon sign over my head?
Ok so maybe there is not a physical neon sign over your head but a christian's "neon sign" is the holy spirit. I believe that there are days that your Daddy just wants you to really know something. And there are people who can see those neon signs. And when you're not so willing to hear what your Daddy is telling you, because he's still speaking it. even when you're not listening. People will respond to what the Holy Spirit is doing so that you can hear what your Daddy is saying.
Everyone was so encouraging today. Not that they're not normally.. but like extra encouraging. Not that it was super spiritual in anyway. Cause really it's just life. I don't think every person that encouraged me today sat for an hour palms up saying "Lord, oh Lord, is this the word you have for her" A lot of time it's not even something the person is aware that they are doing. (i mean sometimes they are holy spirit stake outting you.) The point is I know my Daddy wanted me to be encouraged today. He wanted me to know how awesome he thinks that I am. And what He believes I can do in this small world after all.

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