Tuesday, July 26, 2011


i've updated a few things around this place. Including the new header.
I named this blog Freedom For The Thought in my political zeal coming out of high school government class. It's a quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes stating that the freedom of speech is the single greatest principle of the constitution to be protected "for it is freedom of the thought that we hate as much as the freedom of thought that we love." Thoughts are the only part of a person that they solely have control over. You have a power to accept or reject any thought that comes into your mind you can train yourself to control your thoughts and you can allow your thoughts to be manipulated but when it gets down to the nitty gritty thoughts are always and only in your control.
You might notice I added the quote "...his banner over me is love." This is the single greatest sentence that has changed my life and shaped every thought, action, dream, identity, word, and pursuit ever since. When I first heard this sentence I had no clue about the Father's heart to love. When I first heard this sentence I had walked out of the prayer room at IHOP-ATL where I had spent the last hour announcing my hatred to the God I said I loved. All moments following, I was obsessed with understanding this statement.
"He has brought me to his banqueting table and his banner over me is love"
- Song of Solomon 2:4
In my pursuit of knowledge I was forever ruined by God's love. I had discovered just a tiny tiny tiny bit of the father's love and I was undone. Writefully so should my header say "his banner over me is love" because it's where this whole heart started. I'm not satisfied with anything if I cannot sit before the Lord and know more of him. This is it. My dreams, desires, and pursuits are nothing to me if they're not drenched in this reality.

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