Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Love on the Duh Day.

It's been one of those "duh" days. You know where you wake up feeling like nothing special that day but then you inescapably are convinced yet again that you love a God that loves you. For no other reason than being you. Every so often the Lord just reminds me that DUH. I LOVE YOU. Today is a long day. On my way to Prophets class, I thought Lord I could use a cup of coffee. but i've placed myself on a budget. and guess who has already spent my budget on coffee :) duh. i would run into a friend and her greeting was c'mon let me buy you a cup of coffee. duh. as if that's not enough. When i finally get to my building I run into another friend who is just the exact smile I needed for that moment. duh. in class I kept thinking. hm. I guess i'll just go to two story afterwards but i really kind of want to have a good convo (i crave those sometimes) duh. there's a girl in my class from high school that our only source of life updates has been facebook for 3 years. She asked if she could join me at two story and chat. duh. So then I was walking to wesley for Prayer leadership group. Just really missing prayer small group from last year and asking the Lord to shape my heart for this group too. duh. our group is awesome.

I'm thankful for God's faithfulness to remind me of His love and affections towards me. And reminding me of those.

I really love you readers. Even when you are silent. I like to write and I feel blessed when someone tells me they read. So to all you readers (silent & vocal) I ask you this: is there any topics you like when I write about them. Or anything you want to know more about that i've mentioned. Think of it like SEIZE the BLOG, where readers can direct posting. Holla back.


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