Saturday, August 20, 2011

Questions Need Answering

status: still having to log on to the "wandering wifi" services at two story to use the internet. [don't you just love that title for internet. Wandering Wifi. I just smile everytime.] I'm drinking Shot in the Dark with caramel. I've had a lazy saturday. I've been studying. studying. Maybe this is an indication as to the content of the rest of this blog but here it comes. I love to learn and these are the questions I have been writing in my journal this week.

ANSWER if you know something about them. FOR REAL.

1. How do hebrew words have more than one meaning? same word different meanings and sometimes they are not related at all. ex: 1kings19:13 ... i ended up here: strong's number thing for "mantle" . it says glory, splendor, magnificence for one definition. or naturally a prophet's garment... whaaaaaaaa. explain. please.

2. so i know its all up in the new testament about Elijah must come first before christ. like both for the first coming and second coming. but Where/or Does the old testament holler at Elijah associated with Jesus?

3. Is there a difference between your soul & spirit? i wrote this down when reading Isaiah 26:9.

4. Do overhead lights really use more electricity than my lamps?

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