Sunday, August 14, 2011

Putting Feet on Abstract Nouns

Everyone keeps talking about one thing: "we're seniors! What're you gonna do?"
Let me just say, I've only really had one or two conversations about this topic of the fateful, What's Next?, that has actually had a positive impact on my thoughts/actions.

I had the pleasure on Friday of a walk in the rain with Mo. Self-declared, "Mama Bear Mo", is the person in charge of all the college student leaders that serve at "Behold" every MLK weekend. Through the past three years of doing that weekend I've not only learned her heart behind the ministry but learned a lot about a life abandoned to the Lord from this girl. She is known as moving more frequently than Facebook will allow you to change your current city, and for her surprise visits to her Alma Mater, UGA. Us georgia girls have to stick together when we're severely out numbered by Bama & Auburn fans every year at Behold.

As we caught up on every subject under the sun, I nervously anticipated this "post graduation topic." She said the best piece of advice i'd heard from anyone:

1. What are your passions?
2. Put feet to those.
So all you seniors who read this, I pass this advice along to you. Even non-seniors. There's something really powerful when a person is doing their passions. You can tell.

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Kristin said...

1. Mo was a freshman when I was a senior and I co-led her freshman Athens.
2. Mo comes to RH on crossfire---but this is before you or I meet.
3. I meet you in RH
4. Mo graduates, moves away from Athens.
5. You move to Athens
6. You meet Mo who no longer lives in Athens
7. You become a senior...same age I was when I met Mo
8. Mo counsels you as a senior
9. Love you both
10. That is all. :)