Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nothing profound just an update.

little ole hometown always tries to keep up with the big dawgs. For a couple years there's been this Richmond Hill Reflections magazine published. When I was home, it was stupid. dumb. but I always appreciate when my mom sticks it in my stuff for me to read away from home. The latest issue can be summed up in a quote from one of the stories, "Basically I've got sand in my shoes, Couldn't wait to get back to the coast." Flipping through I began to get "homesick," really more like "coastsick."
These past few days have been wonderful. I've been able to hideaway in my new home. There's something creepy yet exhilarating about moving. At least to me. It's so annoying to pack and unpack. Thankfully I had some help from Burrmorgeti. ;) And getting used to all the new sounds, especially in an old house, is creepy at times. But having a new place to call home, is one of my favorite things. I think it ranks right below "airport" in exciting things. i love the airport. love love. i also love new homes. and walking. oh how i love walking.

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