Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The comfortable familiarity of anonymity

Four years ago when I was applying for universities, I never considered anything smaller than Large.  I always just thought biggest school in Georgia that is also furthest away... done. Then I visited and went to  Wesley, which is now a normal part of my life... weird, and I knew that God was there and I wanted to be there. So I came here. To this big public school and was you guessed it. 100% loving every minute. I didn't have adjustment issues. I didn't have homesickness. I quite enjoy living on my own legs. I came seeking the Lord though, and I knew I wouldn't leave until His work for me here was done. Over the past three years, I've met a lot of people. Done a lot of ridiculous things. but all I can say is Now is the time. There are things left for this last year. There are things I know I've got left. And it's a sweet time.
So this school is great. i love the anonymity yet familiarity of every corner. This big ole school has a religion department right. So i've taken a couple classes, intro to reli thought & intro to christianity, judaism, islam. Now i'm in this Old Testament Prophets class. The professors really clear that we're looking at it not necessarily as christians but also perhaps jews. I'm really liking this class. Its such an opportunity. Reading the bible just reading it. ugh. so good. Anyway. I about jumped out my seat the other day. We're talking about Elijah & Elisha. And my teacher points out that these homeboys bring to the scene some miracles. oh yeah. I'm reading while she's talking cause I just have a hard time solely doing one thing. And while she's listing the miracles of Elijah & Elisha i'm like. that sounds like my jesus. he did those things too. And about the time I pep myself up to say something about the new testament (GASP we're in an OLD TESTAMENT class.) and She says, Does this sound like anyone else you know of? I responded a little too loudly with Jesus. Talk about moment when for a split second things become real clear. Remember that time that Jesus said who do they say that I am? and there was some rumors around the town that he was Elijah. Not so ridiculous when you see where that came from. Can you believe that? I have to write a term paper about a prophet or theme or something. maybe?
ha. nice. Jesus, Elijah, miracles.ha. Back to the first thought of this university talk. So this year there's a lot left for me in Ath. I came here for a reason, seeking more of the Lord, it's about time I seek all that I can find.

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