Friday, September 2, 2011

ERC to Joe's.

Welcome to the town where overnight the local coffee shop franchise, jittery joes, can stage a full on take over of the corner ERC, espresso royale caffe for those of you non-athens-coffeeshop-junkies. I haven't ordered a coffee yet but I'm a little confused as to what stamp card I should pull from my stash. i might or might not be referring to the entire little pocket in my wallet devoted to coffeeshop stamp cards from Savannah to Marietta to Athens. The table in front of me is having an animated conversation about profits & non-profits. This whole time my visual mind has been picturing a Old Testament Man with a robe in this conversation. i guess this is why you should(n't) eves drop. Amusing. well it's time for me to go on an adventure to Sandy Creek Park... coffees in hand. Maggie/Amelia style adventure. Catch ya later friends.

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