Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Kristin!

Many of you know my friend  Kristin ! And if you know her blog... you know she does "happy birthday posts." Although I couldn't be in M town to celebrate with you I thought I'd give you a Happy Birthday blog post! Hold on my friend, you're about to be on a trip down Memory lane... 

This is a good image of Kristin's time at RHUMC. 
Coffee in hand (of course) 
Last name "Smith"
And ghost driving the big van!
Thanks for loving me on this first spring break trip; 
The one God used to change my life. 

Kristin took us all up to UGA... 
Because of how she showed me the Lord moved here; 
I'll be a graduate in 2012. 

This trip also marked the beginning of your favorite question
"how's your heart"

I can't even express how much I love you!
Thanks for pursuing me. And weekly speaking life to me. 
And just being my cheerleader. 
(and can we just LAUGH at this picture. please. whoaaaa times changing!)

Prom pics with Mcfam (before that was even a thing!)

her girls. 

Kristin Smith became Kristin McLendon 
We got to be her Cheerleaders for once. 
Thank you for being open about your relationship with us. 
You taught us by it. 

by my Senior year we'd cooked more meals together than we could count. 
And had double/triple the number of coffees. 
our relationship started because of a need, a ride to a prayer meeting, and as an image of discipleship it grew as life changed. 
We always joked that our relationship is completely covered in the favor of the Lord. 
My mom would allow me to go anywhere if she knew Kristin was there. 
She has always loved and trusted Kristin. 
(she's grown to do the same with Bert)

Me & Luke graduated high school; 
ready for transitions.
I knew we would continue to talk; 
I never expected what was next. 

She moved to Marietta! 
And I moved to Athens. 
This was before the summer I lived there
and found a home. 

Tuesdays continued just in a different coffee shop. 

and continued in Scotland. 

and continued with Jude!

Love you! Happy Birthday! 

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