Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Just a few random pictures from life: 

Braves Game with Beth! 
Beth and I are professionals at assembling folders, making name tags, and other random Camp affiliated tasks. Love you! 

reunion on the square! Matt Austin, Melissa Drummond
They'll always have a sweet spot in my heart! 

Glory Glory to ole georgia! 
(I honestly people watch at football games :)

Melissa is now in Scotland for 2 years... love her, support her, pray for her, and am obsessed with her voice. 

Austin! Also apart of that reunion, I met him, Melissa, & Matt when I interned at Riverstone a while ago. love them. 

The Grimm Family! 
William, Doug, Barbara, Caleb, & Maggie (missing Will) 

I just like this one. Doug playing in the SUPER shallow river. 

Happy be-lated Birthday Maggie! 
We Celebrated at the Folk Festival this year. 

Obligatory Folk Festival picture of the stage. 

I hope to start taking more pictures again! 
Happy Tuesday Friends!

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