Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Location! Location! Location!

I never want laziness to determine my location. 
There's a difference between time management and not wanting to take the time to do something. 
With one decision about where to spend my hour between classes not only did I come to a conclusion about the "looming future" as the so named folder on my desktop waits for me to make other decisions, but also, in that exact moment, I realized a fear that I had been allowing to take root. 
A fear that I will settle for less than what I desire and what I think I can achieve in life. 
(it's like a band-aid, ouch). 
There I stood at the steps of Park Hall trying to determine if going downtown for an hour was worth it because I really enjoy being downtown or if it's better to just wait it out in the building I loathe. I began to walk up the stairs to Park (the building I loathe) and stopped far more abruptly than I thought and realized... I was disguising a regard for better managing my time for laziness to go to a place I actually want to be in. Thus I turned around and walked immediately to the "tombstones" outside the SLC. phew. 
I won. 

On a different note: I'm happy to report that our toilet bowls will have blue water. Woooo hooo! And I pose the question to the "International Delight" creamer manufacturers, Hello? did you forget about October pumpkin spice creamer? 

keeping my head above water this week. 
hello midterms. 
i win. 


Chelsea said...

DO NOT SETTLE. Do not let that force take a hold of you. I will forever be by your side telling you all the great things you can do and ignoring the people who say it can't be done.
Yay tombstones.

Hannah said...

I've been going to Publix looking for pumpkin spice creamer every other day for two weeks now. Thanks for reading my blog, miss lady.