Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Have you guys seen the "Frozen Grand Central Station" video on youtube? I'm not sure if this is something that everyone knows about or if it's one of those "college kids" common knowledge things. Things like Flash Dances have popped up all over the place.

i love it. 

It's chaos to all people not involved. I've watched dozens of these kinds of videos, I can't get enough. People's facial expressions range from scowl to grin; frequently a combination of the two. The videos have thousands even m i l l i o n s  of views.

Spontaneous & Bizarre events makes people smiles. We like the extra-ordinary. Most people feel a tug towards extraordinary events. Things that will only happen once in all their lives. Things that can't be repeated. People desire to be apart of something special. Something that can't be duplicate. To be Unique. Individual. To be apart of something different.

i know what you're thinking, Amelia that's such a generalization. 

Well I say to you, what's your face like when you watch that video? Or have you ever responded to someone's bizarre request of you on the street, like kids participating in a scavenger hunt? Have you ever been willing to follow the lead of someone else into strange circumstances? Have you watched the most important happenings in the world... Royal Wedding, Space Shuttle launch, Michael Jackson's Funeral, Princess Diana's funeral, The Superbowl half-time show (... highly doubt someone will ever pull a janet again), the presidential inauguration, cheered for the Under Dawg, or scribbled your thoughts on the bathroom wall... (so this last one is weird but I had a strange realization that in Park Hall (english building) bathrooms there are poems and statements and quotes all over the bathroom wall.) 

I think all people want their eyes to see something "once in a lifetime" ... i think this term is applied to liberally. Only if you want it to be... 

Do something out of the ordinary today, I betchya you'll smile because of it.

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