Sunday, November 27, 2011

Paper Writing

My sincerest apologies; I've neglected the good ole blog once again. Sorry you've just not been able to keep up with all my thoughts worth pondering. November has flown by, faster than october. I'm starting to believe May will be here before I know it. Just a few all nighters, exams, papers and hundreds of cups of coffee left till my degree.
To all my people that just got out the gate heading to college and finally got from under the "Where ya going to college" question. Sorry. You have another one coming: What're you going to do? It's the simplest verb ever: to do. It's like the first thing you learn when learning foreign languages. To do.
I don't have an answer to it; if you're wondering.
I've been slammed with hearing the phrase "pay attention to what makes you cry"
so I am
so far I can tell you:
poking myself in the eye
videos about nations
life; its differences, similarities, mutual existence, beauty
love, and the hope for
losing my passport
seeking justice
Toy Story 3
Just sitting
and family

I'll keep you posted on my list... eventually. back to paper writing. ughhhhhhh.

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